Saturday, June 2, 2012


So far what keeps reappearing is that in order for the brain to learn it all depends on ones attention span. However, most people can only give they're full attention towards something for only a matter of minutes.
So the best possible way for someone to learn includes 3 different things. Which is facts, narrative, and emotion. The teachers that incorporate the following the best are generally the most successful at having a smart class.
So by judging off of knowing this, you could say thats all you really need, but i shall continue. I am thinking about doing a mind map, but I am not quite sure, if I do its shall be posted on my blog right away!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Switching up the Big Question

From: the capability edge of the human brain
To: Depicting how the brain learns, what affects it/interest the brain to incline the want or ability to learn. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Revised version of Big question

My Big Question
            Imagine a world in which there was no thought process. Where everyone one acted upon impulse and miraculously knew how to do certain things. Until one realizes how much of an anomaly that our brains act they way they do they then  cam began to respect the complexity of it. However though, have you ever actually wondered though the edge of capabilities our brain has?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After the ap test

I am currently working on my big question, the capability edge of the human brain. Also, I am helping collaborate on the effects of learning and how the brain learns or what makes it more acceptable to learn on Johns question. I am at the moment, well the last few moments I've been waiting for feed back from my authority figure on my big question on how I can expand my topic/understand more. My work will help benefit me first of all in just the aspect of accomplishing something of my very own that has more then one ounce of intellectual thought within it. It will also benefit johns website he is posting for the big questions. In order to accomplish this I just have to follow through eighth myndreams

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MacBeth Lecture notes

I'm just a we bit spot on!
Out of all the tragedies Shakespeare has written, MacBeth turns out to be the closest in relationship to himself. Even though its just about the simple rise and fall of a man. What makes MacBeth different from his other tragedies is there are no humorous moments, or self reflection that take place in his the other 2 tragedies Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet. Actually, there maybe one dark humorous moment and that occurs in the scene of Porter, a bit argument-able in MacBeth, but that's about it. 
Before i get ahead of myself, what is a tragedy? A tragedy is where the main character(s) have a flaw that ultimately brings them to their own down fall. A tragedy will also reinforce values from the time period in which the book was written from. With that insight then the break down of MacBeth comes easily.
We see that in MacBeth with the advancement in isolation comes a decline in moral and mental health. However, it is resulted from MacBeth's own decisions. That bring him to his own demise. It is that unwise decision making though that draws in the audience. 
Why does MacBeth kill duncan? 
You could say Ambition, but thats to simple. MacBeth kills Ducan because of the witches prophecy. The witches prophecy however only told Hamlet what he already long desired. We assume Hamlet already had a desire to become king, because he does not question the witches like Banquo did. He accepts it and allows it to influence his decisions to come, like killing King Ducan. Which in case you didn't know violates everything his community believes in. 
Ambition and Immorality Create the tension in MacBeth. So here comes the MacBeth and Hamlet comparison.  In Macbeth, like in Hamlet MacBeth struggles to act upon his thinking. 
As for Lady MacBeth she has no conscious to rule over her. She's just a tool of destruction or in other words a self righteous hoe. Ultimately she ends up killing her self due to the lack of inner will and an over whelmed feeling of guilt for killing king Duncan, which reminded her of her dad.
Macbeth as a king..? Once Macbeth became king it was the classic slipper slope, downfall, demise, what ever you want to call it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


-Play begins with thunder and lightning and three witches.
-three witches are used to help with foreshadows and situational irony.
- Anon: Vamanos.
- No flexibility in iambic pantameter
- Characters: Machbeth, lady Macbeth, Duncan, Malcom, Sergeant, Lennox, Ross, 3 witches, Banquo, Macduff, Lady Macduff, Hecate, Fleance, Porter, Donalbain
- First insight on Macbeth is indirect characterization, we see that Macbeth is a gory blood lust warrior.
- Witches going to give Macbeth a message.
- Golgotha: A biblical name for where Jesus was crucified, used as an allusion in the play.
- Theres a role of masculine. Lady Macbeth affects Macbeths masculine, witches foreshadow this by calling her a sailor with nut in between her legs.
- At this point we do not know the intent of the witches.
- Banquo makes fun of Macbeth and calls him a women, which influences the audiences view on the role of which Macbeth will play.
- Macbeth is visited by the witches, they say he will become thane of crawdor and soon after a king. Banquo is like well what about me whats in my future, and the witches reply your future sons will be king.
- shortly after being visited by the witches Macbeth found out that the thane of crawdor is suppose to be executed due to treason committed against the throne by helping out the rebels and Macbeth starts to believe the witches prophesies.
- Macbeth then sends a letter to his wife explaining to her what happened and the witches.
- She decides that she will help convince Macbeth to kill Duncan.
- She comes up with a plan. To get the Servants drunk and then have Macbeth kill the king and blame the servants.
- Macbeth is virtually crazy, we see that he keeps hallucination a lot
- He almost chickens out, wife convinces him to try it and
- Hes successful with the killing of king Ducan.
- Ducans sons run away, one to england the other to scottland. People think they murder the king.
- Macbeth becomes paranoid of the witches prphecies telling Banquo his children will be king, so he orders the death of banquo and his son, banquos son surivies the attack.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MacBeth notes

- sought to please King James I (use to be King James the IV but then Queen Elizabeth died and became the I)
- not the usual Shakespeare play, intense and complex though.
-Shakespeare's chief source for Macbeth was Holinshed's Chronicles
- addresses a political agenda of King James I
- Background is important, go figure.
- King James was into witch craft and thought it was real. Wrote a book about demonology, which is why the book is weird)
- murderers everywhere
- Theme  - "what is a man"
- Lady Macbeth, apparently is crazy
- Who's the Third Murderer?
- MacBeth a homicidal crazy person?